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Saturday, May 25, 2024
Intuitive Shamanic Energy Healings
May 25 @ 11:00 am – Jun 8 @ 3:00 pm
West Asheville

GREAT OPPORTUNITY to have an in-person healing session in ASHEVILLE by Chloe Kemp, award-winning best-selling author, seer, medium, and intuitive shamanic energy healer. Sessions available MAY 23 – JUNE 8 at location 2 blocks from Malvern Hills Park. Chloe utilizes her past life memories of ancient healing techniques, working with her Spirit guides to provide energetic emotional, physical, mental and spiritual healing. If Spirit has information about a client’s past life, Chloe receives sensations and visions, allowing her to see people, places and experiences from the past life. Frequently, stuck energy that causes problems in this lifetime involves a person’s trauma in a past life. Chloe will re-experience the trauma for you, clearing and releasing all energy that no longer serves you if her Spirit Guides determine it is necessary to clear a past life. She also balances your chakras and performs extra work on any physical, emotional, or spiritual areas her Spirit Guides deem necessary. Afterward Chloe assists her clients with processing the experience. For more information about Chloe, her spiritual memoir, and her healing work, visit https://www.chloekempwisdomkeeper.com

Saturday, June 22, 2024
Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation Workshop with Sound Baths
Jun 22 all-day
Magictown Movement Studio

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and inner healing through our groundbreaking Breathwork Meditation Workshop including 2 Sound Baths! During this immersive experience you will be guided through a powerful Breathwork practice to help you massively release stress, heal past wounds and traumas, access deeper levels of awareness, and connect more profoundly to Source.

Led by two professional highly experienced facilitators with over 50 years experience between them, this workshop will
deepen your connection with your breath and unlock its incredible potential for physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Join a group of like-minded individuals on the path to self-discovery in a supportive nurturing environment on the beautiful island in Marshall on one of the world’s oldest rivers.

You may come to the full day (10am-4.30pm, $120 ) which includes two Breathwork Meditation Sessions with sound baths and a session of Self-discovery. You may also come to the first Breathwork Meditation Session with sound bath only (10am-1pm, $60) or the second Breathwork Session with sound bath only (1.30pm-4.30pm, $60).
Register at www.breakthroughbreathwork.com/events

Sunday, June 23, 2024
A Forest of Stories
Jun 23 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
The Forest Farmacy

The stories we tell to, and about, ourselves determine how we experience life.Our stories impact our relationships with Self, others, and the beyond-human world.

Do you find yourself stuck in the same old movie? Going around and around with the same problems, getting the same results. Old stories impact all areas of life – work, relationships, spirituality, our sense of belonging in the world, and our emotional and physical health.

Our inner stories maybe repeated often but rarely examined and revised with an eye to our soul’s evolution. When we take the time to work with these essential life narratives we can change how we perceive and participate in the world.

Is it time for a new story?

This one-day, outdoor, program is a chance to step out of time, out of the continual narrative of your life, into a securely held circle designed for deep transformation.

Here you can let your guard down, fall apart, melt into the forest, and release back to the earth those loyal-soldier stories that may have protected you well but you no longer need and are only serving to shield you from life’s vibrant beauty.

In this magical space we will work with your story, ancient medicine stories from the Celtic lands, the nature and elemental beings to help you forge your new story. One that wings strong enough to carry you, radiant, into this next chapter of life.

About Your Guide: Kat Houghton PhD

Kat is a native British storyteller who has been guiding transformational experiences for over 25 years.

After a devastating loss, Kat descended into Grief, eventually learning how to apprentice herself to her sorrow with support from some wise Elders. Now, she walks with others as they dance with life’s initiations in all their guises.

Kat is a psychologist and wilderness rites of passage guide. She holds certificates in Eco-Therapy, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Transformational Coaching.

Kat thrives in the liminal spaces where the known brushes up against the unknown, always peering deeper into the darkness for guidance on life’s eternal questions. She creates safe spaces for people to explore parts of themselves that are hiding or ignored, bringing wonder to the process of inner growth.

Raised on farms in Northern England and Southern Scotland she now is rooting on a forest farm in the Southern Appalachian mountains growing mushrooms and guiding retreats.

The Logistics

This program is held by the 30-acre forest farm, The Forest Farmacy, Kat and her partner Chris, steward in Madison County, NC. There is plenty of space to roam in the forest. The farm backs up onto hundreds of acres of more forest.

Please bring your own lunch, a water bottle, journal and pen.

The Forest Farmacy holds a no alcohol and no illegal drug policy. They find inspiration through connection with the natural world.

Monday, July 8, 2024
AyurPrana Spiritual Warrior Summer Camp Ages: 10-13
Jul 8 @ 9:00 am – Jul 12 @ 4:00 pm
The AyurPrana Listening Room

AyurPrana Spiritual Warrior Camp will take place at the beautiful AyurPrana Listening Room in West Asheville along with nature excursions in Asheville and surrounding areas.

We are deeply honored to offer AyurPrana’s very first Spiritual Warrior Camp at the AyurPrana Listening Room. The Listening Room is a unique conscious music and arts venue, and one of the only of its kind. For one week in July, the space will be transformed into a Spiritual Warrior Summer Camp inviting children between the ages of 10 and 13 to embark on a very special journey of wellness, empowerment, growth and joy!

The camp will be led by Kalyan Volpe along with members of the AyurPrana faculty. In addition to the Listening Room, AyurPrana owns and operates the Asheville Yoga Center and Ayurvedic Institute, and is home to a family of facilitators and practitioners uniquely qualified to provide a deep and meaningful experience for the campers. Kalyan Volpe is the co-founder of Odyssey School in Asheville and is a long time meditator and spiritual practitioner.

The curriculum includes:




Nature Adventures




Mindfulness Exercises

Our Camp Goals will be to support participants in:

  • Inspiring a sense of play, discovery and curiosity
  • Having fun while cultivating compassion for oneself and others
  • Appreciating the healing gifts of nature
  • Integrating practices to reduce stress
  • Improving physical and emotional well being
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Fostering healthy eating and lifestyle habits and self care
  • Learning to observe one’s thoughts, reactions, and patterns without judgment
  • Balancing the nervous system
  • Boosting self love and confidence
  • Learning to be flexible in body and mind
  • Enhancing focus, memory, receptivity and creativity
  • Deepening conscious communication and listening skills
  • Appreciating the sacredness of life with gratitude
  • Developing peer cooperation, respect, and partnership
  • Opening to a meaningful spiritual life and a sense of wonder for limitless potential