Alternative Health Care
A wide variety of treatment options for those who want to go beyond conventional approaches.

A list of Doctors of Chiropractic serving the Hendersonville community.

Community and Family Health Clinics
General practitioners serving particular neighborhoods and communities.

General dentistry as well as specialists such as orthodontists and oral surgeons.

Drug Stores and Pharmacies
Offering over-the-counter and prescriptive drugs as well as various other personal care products.

Durable Medical Equipment
A list of durable medical equipment providers and installers serving the Hendersonville and Western North Carolina community.

Home and Institutional Care
Options include nursing homes, assisted care facilities, home health practitioners, and hospice.

A list of regional medical centers, from Raleigh and Greenville to right here in Hendersonville.

Mental Health Services
Counseling and care for a range of emotional and behavioral problems including depression, anxiety, and stress. Also, a list of organizations that treat alcohol and drug abuse.

Orthotic and Prosthetic Care
Companies specializing in artificial limb replacement, orthotic bracing, foot supports, and diabetic care.

Physical Therapy
Special care for those who’ve suffered injuries in accidents, falls, and sports. Also check out our healthy living guide.

Specialists/Specialty Clinics
Physicians/physician groups specializing in specific fields of medicine such as pediatrics or dermatology.

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