Hendersonville Public Works Launching New Brush Collection Pilot Program to Improve Efficiency

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This fall the City of Hendersonville is launching a new brush collection pilot program, with the goal of using technology to make operations more efficient and environmentally conscious.

Brush trucks will run on an ‘as needed’ basis, lowering fuel consumption demands and eliminating unnecessary trips.

“We are rearranging our brush collection service to save fuel, time, and wear and tear on our equipment,” stated Public Works Superintendent Brandon Mundy. “We will still be collecting brush each week, but it may not be on the same day as the customer’s garbage service.” He explained that City residents should still have their brush on the curb line prior to their scheduled garbage collection day, as the trash trucks will be marking the location of the piles for the brush collection trucks to pick up. Brush collection will occur later in the day after piles have been marked. This collection process is expected to prevent a brush truck from driving around looking for brush piles and instead will let the truck go directly to the piles later in the day.

In addition, customers can track garbage, recycling, brush, and leaf collection trucks on the website using the ‘Track-A-Truck’ interactive dashboard. This online application shows the near real-time location of trucks as they drive along their collection routes. It is also a way to see what day of the week garbage will be collected in an interactive way.

This online map was made possible by the Public Works and Engineering Departments to give customers additional information on their collection routes. To view the dashboard, please visit https://www.hvlnc.gov/trackatruck.

Written by the City of Hendersonville.