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Local news for Hendersonville, North Carolina and the surrounding Western North Carolina communities.

Pumpkins and a pumpkin painting sign at a farm.

Local Farms Open for Winter Events

Farms across the state are opening their gates for travelers looking for ways to celebrate the season with unique and fun farm experiences.

A man pruning a hedge in a driveway.

December Gardening Chores

It’s cold outside, and the last thing you are thinking about is your lawn or garden. There are, however, some chores that need to be done in December.

A person holding a jar of Imladris Farm Berry Best Jam.

Fresh at Farmers Markets This Week

While some farmers tailgate markets have closed for the season, a growing number in Western North Carolina offer special holiday markets or even run through the winter.

A foster grandparent hugging a young child.

Land of Sky is Seeking Foster Grandparents

Imagine feeling again the joy of a child’s laughter and love. Cuddle a newborn baby or watch a child’s face light up when you enter the room.