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Two children learning how to swim in a pool.

HCPS Dives All In to Ensure Children Learn Water Safety at a Young Age

During a bright and sunny pre-autumn day at the Hendersonville YMCA, 8-year-old Coa Myers proudly announced that he had learned how to cup water with his hands to swim back to safety. His classmate, Lauren Miller chimed in, “It’s really important to know because it helps you tread water if you get tired.”

An arrangement of flowers and tulips in front of a gardening store.

October Gardening Tips

October is a great time for planting pansies and purchasing spring bulbs. These gardening tips will help you get your garden ready for the cooler temperatures.

Cawthorn Pointedly Defies Laws Banning Knives on School Property

For the second time in as many months, Rep. Madison Cawthorn faces a potential criminal complaint for carrying a weapon — in the latest incident, a “combat” automatic knife similar to a switchblade — in a public school building.