Hendersonville Urges “Cart Smart” Recycling

Curbside recycling and trash containers.

The City of Hendersonville encourages residents to practice simple steps to be “cart smart” about recycling. Putting non-recyclable items in recycling carts causes contamination and raises costs for facilities across the state.

“Recycling is a long-standing method of reducing waste in our local landfills while conserving our natural resources,” said Public Works Director Tom Wooten. “It’s important to recycle the right way and improve the quality of material being collected. Knowing what can and cannot go into the cart is vital to maintaining Hendersonville’s recycling program and aiding North Carolina’s thriving recycling industry.”

Curbside recycling pick-up is free for City of Hendersonville residents.

When well-meaning residents put non-recyclable items in their recycling cart or bin, it causes contamination of the recycling mix. That means local material recovery facilities must spend more time and money to sort out the rising levels of non-recyclables and trash. Foreign countries that were previously a market for poorly sorted U.S. recyclables have tightened quality standards. Recyclables now need to be cleaner to meet the new international quality requirements or, better yet, be redirected for use by domestic manufacturers with similar high-quality standards.

To help make recycling more efficient, City of Hendersonville residents should remember these simple tips:

  • Place empty cans, bottles, paper and cardboard in the recycling cart. Keep everything else out.
  • Do not bag your recyclable items.
  • Do not put plastic bags, cords, hoses and other string-like items in the recycling bin as they can tangle around rotating equipment.
  • Avoid putting other things that could be hazardous to workers who sort recycling – like batteries, needles, sharp objects and food residue – into the recycling cart.
  • Do not put Styrofoam cups and containers in the recycling cart.
  • When in doubt, throw it out!

To help residents be “cart smart,” the City of Hendersonville is participating in the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality’s Recycle Right NC education campaign. The City will be providing reminders to their customers and posting information on their webpage and social media channels.

For more information about the City of Hendersonville’s recycling program and access to their Environmental Resources Guide, visit www.hendersonvillenc.gov/recycling.

For more information about the statewide Recycle Right NC campaign, visit www.recyclemorenc.org.

Written by the City of Hendersonville.