North Carolina Litter Pick Up Set to Exceed 2019 and 2020

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North Carolina is on pace to exceed the record for roadside litter collection set in 2019.

NCDOT’s crews, contractors, and volunteers have collected about 6.3 million pounds of litter and we’re less than halfway through the year. In 2019, a record setting 10.5 million pounds of litter was collected. This year’s collection so far also nearly equals the 6.3 million pounds collected in 2020.

Even though there will be more picked up than last year, the work still continues. Litter is unsightly, costs millions of dollars to clean up and can hurt the environment, tourism and the state’s quality of life. Everyone should do their part by:

  • Securing their loads before driving;

  • Holding onto trash until it can be disposed of properly; and

  • Recycling when possible.

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