Brevard Author Ann Sharpsteen Launches Book on Toxic Relationships

Author Ann Sharpsteen will launch her new book, How to Leave an Asshole: A practical guide on how to heal from a toxic relationship and #leavetheasshole, on Jan. 31, 2019.

The book is described as “a woman’s book of step-by-step how to identify assholes, detach and run for the hills, heal from the experience and be whole and healthy again (mentally, physically, spiritually) and come out the other side with a heart more open and loving than ever before.” Sharpsteen is quick to add, “This is not an angry book. It’s a practical look at how to navigate the nightmarish situation experienced when women find themselves in relationships with abusive and narcissistic men.”

One in four women in the United States experience domestic abuse. Each chapter of the book outlines guided advice and encouragement for women on how to escape unhealthy relationships (and in rare cases, find reconciliation). “It’s important for women to be encouraged and empowered to fight back against abuse and work towards a healthy and joyful outcome,” explains Sharpsteen. In the book, Sharpsteen shares details of her own journey of healing from abuse and struggles with PTSD.

How to Leave an Asshole is Sharpsteen’s second published book. Her first book was the acclaimed Johnny Cash book, I Walked the Line, published by Scribner in 2007.

Today, Sharpsteen is a public speaker who speaks on topics of mindful living and achieving work-life balance. She’s passionate about helping women live intentionally, achieve their goals, and enjoy full and happy lives. In her high-energy keynotes and workshops, Sharpsteen empowers audience members with practical, powerful life “reset” tactics and strategies and shares real life experiences (including her own as a television and radio show host and producer, author, and domestic violence survivor) to inspire women to make positive change in their lives.

“I feel a responsibility to help women who are suffering in silence. My hope is that this book gives them the motivation to leave unhealthy situations and, perhaps more importantly, prevent it from ever happening again. This book is raw and real and designed to equip women with the tools to survive.”

For more information, contact Ann Sharpsteen at [email protected] or 828-606-2141.