LEAF Global Arts Festival: FALL tickets on sale now

Tue, Jun 11, 2024
This event has already occurred.

Join us for LEAF Global Arts Festival, a family friendly gathering celebrating community, global art and culture, live music, craft, nature, and more. Tickets — at our MOST DISCOUNTED RATE — go on sale Saturday, June 1. (Look for a lineup sneak-peek on June 20 and a full line-up drop on July 18.)

With our October Festival we continue exploring our year-long theme: WORLD CHANGERS. This is about more than just artistic talent; it is a call to action — an opportunity for each of us to reflect on the role we can play in shaping our world. Our chosen artists are not just masters of their craft; they are beacons of hope, tirelessly advocating for a world where justice, peace, and creativity flourish.

And even as we seek to make positive impact as global citizens, we also welcome the spirit of joy, celebration, unity, and family (genetic and found) that makes LEAF such a special gathering. We welcome back those who have been coming to LEAF Festival for years along with those who are embarking on their very first LEAF. We can’t wait to celebrate with YOU!

World Changers: One Story, One Song, One Step at a Time.

LEAF Global Arts Festival: October 17-20
Lodging and Tickets on sale June 1!

  1. Tickets at each tier are LIMITED! Discount Ticket Pricing ends when ticket # for that tier sells out.
    •Children UNDER 10 free •Adult Tickets: 18+  •Youth Tickets: 10-17
  2. Fall LEAF Festival tickets do not require you to be a member to purchase tickets, except for Weekend PLUS which are reserved for Members to purchase.
  3. To purchase Weekend PLUS tickets, you must be signed in to a current LEAF Membership account. Log in to your LEAF account HERE or via the link in the upper right hand corner of your screen. If you believe are a current member, but your account is experiencing any difficulty, please email [email protected] and we’ll see what the problem is.
  4. WeX — LEAF Work eXchange (formerly volunteer) opportunities are available! WeX Crew applications below! More information on WeX Crew can be found HERE. For additional questions, email [email protected]
  5. See Credit Policy at end of Page. Redeeming credit? Call 828-68-MUSIC (686-8742)