The Myers Haunted House’s 2020 Season

Michael Myers peering through a window at a haunted house.
The Myers Haunted House

The Myers Haunted House is one of the spookiest attractions in all of Western North Carolina. It has been a hidden gem of the Hendersonville community since its inception. The house’s 2020 season will celebrate its eleventh year in business!

It is a self-guided haunt featuring old Hollywood horror film characters including Michael Myers, Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, and more. Located in East Flat Rock, the haunted house has been voted by Constantine’s Haunt Reviews as best Haunted House in North Carolina for 2014 and best Michael Myers-themed house for several years!

Each room at The Myers Haunted House has a different character theme. If at any point you feel too scared to continue, then you’re welcome to use one of the emergency exits throughout the house. Simply tell an actor or crew member that you would like to leave and you will be escorted out.

The crew of The Myers Haunted House.

Children and Accessibility Info

The experience is recommended for ages 7 & up, but entry is at the discretion of parents. If you bring a child that you feel needs the scariness “toned down,” then please tell the attendant at the front door and they will do their  best to accommodate your child’s needs. The attraction is meant to be extremely scary, so please take that into consideration when bringing a young child.

Additionally, The Myers Haunted House seeks to be an inclusive attraction meant to scare all who are willing to attend. The house is wheelchair accessible. Please note that there are dark areas, strobe and flashing lights, loud music, noises, and jump scares. There are also various levels of flooring inside and walkways outside, including steep areas, concrete, dirt, grass, and wood chips. Take your own safety and health into consideration when visiting. Tell the ticket booth or attendant at the front door if you need special accommodations for health reasons.

Ticket Pricing and Operating Hours

The house offers free parking with tickets priced at $12 per person (cash only). Concessions and souvenirs are also available for purchase. Tickets sales start at 7:30 pm and end at midnight. Doors open at 7:45 pm and stay open until all ticket holders have been through.

Tickets will be sold as cars pull into the parking lot. The group will be given a number and will need to wait in the car until the number is called. Once the group’s number is called, the group will go to the front gate and receive instructions for entering the house.

The Myers Haunted House is located at 237 Bell Ave. East Flat Rock, NC 28726. The house will be open on October 16-18, 23-25, 28-31, and Nov 1, 2020.

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