Public Feedback on the Vision of Buncombe County Passive Recreation Lands

Fri, May 26, 2023
This event has already occurred.

Buncombe County Recreation Services staff and the Open Space Bond Manager will host a Community Meeting to gather public feedback that will shape the way passive recreation projects are selected. On Wednesday, May 17 from 6-7 p.m. at South Buncombe/Skyland Library, Recreation Services Director Allison Dains and Principal Park Planner Thomas Gull will present plans and selection criteria to the community. Open Space Bond Manager Jill Carter will also answer questions and explain how the bond funds can be used. Additional opportunities to give feedback, watch the meeting livestream, and review materials are also available on the County’s Open Space Bond Public Input website. A community survey is available until June 15 for the public to share their vision of the future of Passive Recreation Lands in Buncombe County.

Take the survey here.


The passage of the 2022 Open Space Bond in November paved the way for the development of Passive Recreation Lands in Buncombe County. Although the term may be new, passive recreation is already available in Buncombe County at sites like Collier Cove Nature Preserve.

These lands provide opportunities for recreational activities that require minimal stress on a site’s resources. Passive Recreation Lands are also cost-effective in the long run, providing exercise and social outlets for residents with minimal upkeep costs and minimal impacts to the natural environment compared to traditional park developments. Passive Recreation Lands have unique relationships to both conservation and recreation.

Many projects will be a direct result of conservation efforts that develop low-impact recreation trails. As the Open Space Bond funds allow more lands to be purchased or protected in conservation easements, more areas of Buncombe County can be enjoyed for passive recreation activities.