Ananda Tandava: Yoga for Dancers w/ Roxie Nebel

Wed, Jun 12
10:30 am - 11:45 am
Veda Studios

Combining her knowledge of Dance with Yoga to help dancers of all levels ensure healthy, sustainable and passionate careers. Using the healing, nourishing and restorative qualities of Yoga to help dancers balance the body and mind, to prevent injury and stress while promoting strength, flexibility, memory, body awareness and self-love as beautiful, confident movers and artists.
Flow yoga with the philosophy of applying yoga to benefit each persons unique needs to feel their best. Listening to the body, finding what feels good rather than what looks good to restore after any challenging dance class.
Whether you’re training to dance professionally or just for fun you will feel amazing after this class!

$10 drop-in

Roxie Nebel is a yoga instructor with a background of 12+ years of dance training and teaching in Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Modern and African as well as choreographing, performing and competing in and out of the country. After sustaining a severe back injury that forced her off the path of a professional dance career, She turned to yoga for healing. Using yoga as recovery therapy she realized how the healing potency of yoga could revolutionize the way dancers move and take care of their bodies. Her passion is to show the dance community how they can live sustainable and thriving dance careers with a nurturing yoga practice to support them on their journey.