Movie Theaters in Hendersonville, NC

Evening tickets are $11.97 for adults, $8.76 for children, and $7.37 for seniors. Twilight tickets (between 4:00 pm and 5:30 pm) are $6.30 for everyone. Matinee tickets are $8.44 for adults, $8.44 for children, and $7.37 for seniors. Please call to confirm movie show times.
All tickets are just $3.00. The theater is equipped with all the fancy digital sound and picture quality you've come to expect from the full price theaters... even 3D! As you can imagine, tickets go quickly. Please come early for tickets (you can even buy them one day in advance).
Cinema showing first-run and indie films plus football, with a full bar and lounge.
The Fine Arts Theatre presents first run, art and independent films. $8.00 for matinee and $10.00 for evening showings. Any movie after 9:00 pm will be Friday and Saturday only.
Reservations suggested but not required. All tickets are $8.75.
This theatre offers: Automated Kiosks, Game Room, Party Room, Wheelchair Accessibility, Stadium Seating, Listening Devices, Print at Home Ticketing & Mobile Ticket.