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Now is the Time to Order Old-Timey Apple Trees

Every spring, Environmental and Conservation Organization (ECO) sells old-timey, disease-resistant apple trees. These two-year old trees, in 3 and 5 gallan containers, are hardy and healthy, and will bring back the flavor of yesteryear.

ECO's popular annual sale of old-timey and disease-resistant apple trees is now on. This year we have unique choices to make your backyard orchard complete.

These three-year-old trees are in 3 and 5-gallon containers. They are hardy and healthy and will bring back the flavor of yesteryear to your table and to your family's health.

These trees are semi-dwarf or dwarf, already 4-5 ft. tall, and are ready for planting. Cost: $29 each. Phone ECO at 828-692-0385 to place your order.

Varieties available vary each year; the following are available at this year's sale:

  • Arkansas Black (1870) (Disease resistant) Medium to large with dark red to black color. Flesh is yellow and firm. Stores well. Ripens Oct.
  • Enterprise (Disease resistant) This deep red medium to large apple has a spicy, tart flavor. Ripens mid-Oct.
  • Freedom (Disease resistant; pollinator) Medium to large with a bright red blush on yellow background. Ripens mid-late Sept.
  • Grimes Golden (pollinator) Old-time favorite. Medium size, fruit is golden with russetting. Crisp, juicy. Ripens mid-Oct.
  • Horse (NC, 1700s) An old-time favorite. Large, yellow; good for eating, pies and cooking. Ripens in Aug.
  • Limbertwig (1700s) Popular old-fashioned variety. Greenish-yellow with red blush. Good keeper. Good for eating, pies, jellies, apple butter, cider. Ripens in Oct.
  • Lyman's Large (antique) Pale green summer fruit known best for baking and canning. Ripens early Aug.
  • Pristine (disease resistant) Smooth glossy yellow skin holds sweet smooth flesh. Ripens mid-late July.
  • Shockley (N. Ga 1854) Yellow with brownish-red and streaked with pink. Crisp, sweet, rich flesh. Pies and preserves. Ripens late Oct.
  • Sweet Winesap (antique) Medium -size light red fruit; white, juicy, fine-grained. Ripens Oct.
  • Tolman Sweet (1822) Very hardy late bloomer. Yellow skin. Ripens Nov.
  • Williams Pride (disease resistant) Great flavor. Large, red-striped. Keeps well. Ripens early Aug.
  • Yates (1840s) (pollinator) Small, juicy, red with white flesh. Easy to grow; a favorite with wildlife. Ripens Oct.

This Heritage Apple Restoration project was initiated in 1996 to restore old-timey apple trees to Western North Carolina. For more information, visit www.eco-wnc.org.

(Image provided by ECO.)

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