Mast General Store Adds Iconic Outdoor Brand

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Mast General Store is entering into a historic partnership with the legendary L.L.Bean company. The iconic Bean Boot, along with other footwear, apparel, and outdoor gear, will be a part of the items now found at local Mast Stores and online.

“We are excited about this new relationship,” said Lisa Cooper, president of Mast General Store. “We can finally answer the regularly fielded question – ‘Do you have the Bean Boot in stock?’ – with a definitive, ‘Yes!'”

L.L.Bean products are now on the shelves at Mast Store, which is a regional retail partner for the outdoor company. “The addition of L.L.Bean to our merchandise mix will provide Bean loyalists the opportunity to touch, feel, and try on the new season’s offerings and to purchase them locally,” continued Cooper.

The L.L.Bean collection bolsters Mast General Store’s already-robust assortment of outdoor products, which includes hiking gear, tents, backpacks, boots, sandals, and socks.

“Our businesses have a lot in common, and we are looking forward to a great collaboration,” said Cooper. “It’s a great opportunity for us to showcase another well-loved brand and for both companies to learn a little from each other.”

More than just sharing a passion for quality outdoor apparel and footwear, both businesses maintain commitments to the conservation and preservation of natural resources. The Mast Store and L.L.Bean also are united in a vision to make the outdoors accessible to all people.

“While L.L.Bean offers Outdoor Discovery Programs to learn new skills, we’ve always tried to create an atmosphere where anyone could come in and ask any question about gear, clothing, footwear, or even planning a trip and get knowledgeable, trail-tested answers,” shared Cooper.

For Mast Store and L.L.Bean, getting people into the outdoors is only part of the equation. The other part is the conservation of open spaces, wetlands, farms, and recreation areas. L.L.Bean works with several organizations, including Leave No Trace, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and the Friends of the Cobbossee Watershed, to educate people about steps they can take to ensure beautiful places will remain for future generations to enjoy.

“The Mast Store’s involvement with conservancies is one of our important local activities,” said Cooper. “The areas in easements in all our communities contribute more than the value of their scenic beauty. They provide clean air and water and wildlife habitats, as well as adding to the general quality of life for those who live there.”

With a mutual love of nature and a common desire to help people discover the beauty in their own backyards and beyond, the Mast Store looks forward to this new partnership with L.L.Bean. Stop by any location of the Mast General Store, including the website ( to see the selection from L.L.Bean.