Five Fun and Family-Friendly Winter Activities

A child skiing up a small slope on a mountain.
J G D / Unsplash

Winter, with its cold weather and long nights, is not always considered the ideal time for family activities. You might even be tempted to huddle up inside and wait for spring to come.

However, with a little creativity, you and your kids can make the most out of the winter months by staying active and spending some quality time together. Here are some ideas for family activities no matter how cold it may get!

Get creative in the kitchen. Winter is a good time to experiment with different meals, hot drinks, and even some baked goods. Snowman pancakescut-out sandwiches, and edible winter crafts are all great recipes to try out with your kids.

Spend some time outside. Do the kids have a snow day? This can be a great opportunity for them to get some exercise and be active even if it’s cold out. Build a snowman together, go sledding, or make snow angels! Then come inside and warm up with a cup of hot chocolate. Just be sure to bundle up!

Try your hand at a craft or two. If the great outdoors isn’t calling your name, you and your family can explore your creative sides with some low-cost projects, such as these winter crafts from PBS. Ideas include yarn snowballs and a do-it-yourself snow globe. You can also put a fun twist on an old classic and help your kids make their own snowflakes. Here are 30 ideas for bringing the outdoors in with snowflake crafts. Many only require everyday household items, such as coffee filters, paper towels, or dryer sheets.

Snuggle up indoors. Spend some time enjoying the comforts of home with your kids. Build a blanket fort, play board games, or read a book together. Board games especially can be a great way to build math and reading skills with younger kids while having fun! See this list of the Best Educational Board Games for Kids for some recommendations.

Volunteer together. Winter’s arrival can mean hard times for those without stable housing, warm clothes, or consistent meals. Your family can do a good deed together and volunteer at a soup kitchen or get together some warm winter clothes to donate. Check out, Volunteer Match, or’s Volunteer Opportunities section for ideas.

For even more fun, wintery ideas, take a look at the fifty essential winter activities checklist from Today’s Parent.