Survey Finds That North Carolinians Stock Up on Bread, Water, and Toilet Paper Ahead of Winter Weather Threats

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As winter storms hit states from the Southwest to Northeast, a High Point University Poll surveyed North Carolina residents on what they stock up on when the threat of a winter storm looms.

The poll finds that almost three-quarters (72%) of North Carolinians said they make sure to buy bread before a major snowstorm hits. Smaller majorities stock up on water (69%), toilet paper (65%), extra gasoline for their car (64%), eggs (62%), milk (61%) and fruit (51%) before major snowstorms.

Fewer people said they buy beer or other alcoholic beverages (32%) before a snowstorm.

“Even if North Carolina is not getting the worst of this winter weather, there are a lot of folks stocking up just in case,” said Dr. Martin Kifer, director of the HPU Poll. “This polling shows us a bit about how North Carolinians may be planning for possible snow and ice.”

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