Four Seasons Rotary Park Gets New Playground Equipment

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The neighborhood surrounding Four Seasons Rotary Park saw some new playground equipment installed back in April. The installation came during a time when playgrounds across the state were closed due to COVID-19, but with the easing of the state’s restrictions, children will now be able to enjoy new play areas.

The Four Seasons Rotary Club received a grant for the new equipment. Last year’s Club President Melissa Johnson applied for a Rotary District 7670 Grant to improve the park, upgrade the playground equipment, and honor some former Rotarians in a way that benefits the entire community.

“The Four Seasons Rotary Club has a long history with this park,” said Melissa Johnson. “Luther Smith, a former Rotarian, designed the park twenty years ago. Luther passed away last year, but his designs can still be enjoyed on Hendersonville’s Main Street and other local parks.”

Johnson explained their club wanted to honor another former Rotarian with new playground equipment.

“We wanted to honor Dr. Jim Volk by upgrading the playground equipment in the park,” said Johnson. She explained Dr. Volk, who passed away in 2018, was a longtime Hendersonville pediatrician who served as a faithful Rotary member club president. “Dr. Volk dedicated so much of his life to improving the lives of children; we thought new playground equipment was a fitting way to honor his legacy.”

The Four Seasons Rotary Club has partnered with the City of Hendersonville Public Works Department and Cunningham Recreation to make the project a reality. Cunningham crew members conducted the installation and the Public Works Department assisted with the facilitation of the project as well as site preparation and installing a border around the playground and fall protection mulch.

“Even though the equipment couldn’t be used when it was first installed, we are happy it is ready to go now that playgrounds have reopened,” said Melissa Johnson. “Life moves on and good things are still happening during this time. We are looking forward to this being a great addition in the community.”

Visit the City of Hendersonville website for additional information.