St. James School for Little Folks in Hendersonville to Close by Aug. 31

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The Vestry of St. James Episcopal Church in Hendersonville recently announced the imminent closure of the St. James School for Little Folks.

The decision to close the preschool was made after a continuing pattern of declining enrollment and increased costs that demonstrated that the school operation was not sustainable.

“As this ministry comes to an end, St. James will take time to remember the teachers and students that have come through SFLF, and to reflect on all the memories that have been made there,” said Teri Smith, Director, School for Little Folks.

Parents of current students were alerted in mid-January that the school would not close before the current four-year-old pre-Kindergarten class graduates in early June. The School for Little Folks School Board will decide the actual closing date, which will be no later than Monday, Aug. 31.

The school was founded in 1932 by Miss Elizabeth Hughes and her sister, Miss Carrie Hughes. They operated the school in their home until 1962, when the school moved to the St. James Episcopal Church campus.

Miss Elizabeth and Miss Carrie were granddaughters of the first rector of St. James Church. The school was organized under the Vestry and operated by a school board. The school’s mission over the decades has been to provide a safe, structured, and nurturing environment for the children of the church and community, embracing Christian values and principles while educating and preparing students for future academic endeavors.

A celebration to honor the history of St. James School for Little Folks is being planned for this spring.