The 2020 Bearfootin’ Bears Have Arrived!

Unpainted bear sculptures in a room.
Downtown Hendersonville

The 2020 Bearfootin’ bears have arrived and will soon be transformed into beautiful creations! The Bearfootin’ Art Reveal will take place in May and they will be auctioned off in October on the Historic Courthouse stairs.

The Bearfootin’ Bears will transform in spectacular fashion and will then take up residence in downtown Hendersonville starting in May for the duration of the summer and fall, up until the auction.

What’s the auction you say? Each year, the downtown program hosts a live auction to raise funds for the Art Walk and the many non-profits that the bears represent. Winning bids up to $3,000 are split evenly between the downtown program and the winning non-profit, while bid amounts which exceed $3,000 are directed to the non-profit in their entirety.

In just a few months time, the bears will be found hanging out together on the historic courthouse plaza right up to the auction date in October! The congregation of the bears at the courthouse serves not only as a reminder of the onset of fall in Hendersonville but is an impressive display of the creative talent of our community.

Want to learn more about the Bearfootin’ extravaganza? Visit for additional information.

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