Recycle Right NC Campaign

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Recycle Right NC is a 10-week anti-contamination campaign that will launch this fall. It’s the culmination of meetings with material recovery facilities (MRFs), local haulers, and local governments’ representatives to create unified messaging to reduce residential curbside recycling contamination.

Residential recycling collection companies and local governments will have access to newly designed educational materials that have been approved by each MRF in North Carolina.

Participating recyclers will be able to request customized outreach materials with features such as company logos, specific collection instructions and collection calendars. They will also have access to free social media posts and website content to educate communities about what to put in the bin and what to leave out.

The Division of Environmental Assistance and Customer Service (DEACS) is also providing customizable press releases and facts to support a unified message about reducing residential curbside recycling contamination.

Companies or organizations involved with residential curbside recycling collection are encouraged to participate. For more information, contact Mike Greene at (919) 707-8137 or visit