Hendo Story Club

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Have a story to tell? The Center for Art & Inspiration in downtown Hendersonville wants to hear it.

The center invites you to listen and share each month in the new Hendo Story Club. Throw your name in the hat for a chance to tell your story relating to the theme of the night. Stories will be five-minutes long, true, and told live without notes. No one needs to be a professional writer, storyteller, or anything else to participate.

First-time tellers are welcome and encouraged! If you are familiar with The Moth podcast, you know that five minutes are long enough to connect and inspire and that the most nervous storytellers are also sometimes the most powerful. Come as strangers, leave as friends.

The events take place every month at The Center for Art & Inspiration, 125 S. Main St., and begin at 7:00 pm. Admission is $10.

The theme for May 2 is “Surprise.” We love them. We hate them. We crave them, we dead them, we plan them for people we love. Sometimes it works. Sometimes… well, you tell us!

The theme for June 6 is “Home Run.”The wind-up. The pitch. The satisfying crack of connection and the road of the crowd. Bring us stories of your shining moments in time.

The theme for July 4 is “Scandal.” One of the best ways to understand a particular culture is to look at what people get upset about. What experiences have you had with scandal?

The theme for August 1 is “Triumph.” Play the theme for Chariots of Fire for these stories. You worked for it, you trained for it, you suffered for it – or maybe you did none of the above to get there.

Visit thecenterai.com for additional information.