The Progressive Women of Hendersonville Organization Celebrates 100th Postcard Party

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Every Friday since the inauguration of the 45th president, Progressive Women of Hendersonville has provided postcards and stamps for progressive people interested in addressing issues that affect the community.

The organization recently celebrated their one hundredth event.

The evening was used as an opportunity to support two wonderful local operations, Project Dignity and Sweet Bear Rescue. Many donations of cash and feminine products for young women and blankets and rugs for rescued animals were contributed.

The organization also spent part of the evening thanking local progressive candidates in the 2018 elections. Sam Edney, Gayle Kemp, and Norm Bossert were greeted with enthusiasm and respect.

Nearly sixty people gathered at Sanctuary Brewery to participate in the event. Many have become friends from sharing a mutual interest in progressive topics in local, state, and national levels.

Progressive Women of Hendersonville hopes you will join them every Friday at Sanctuary Brewery from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm. Visit for additional information.