Back to School Safety Tips for Parents

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With the end of summer vacation just around the corner, students and parents alike are beginning to prepare for the upcoming school year.

While kids are probably more concerned with making the last days of summer count, parents want to make sure their child is not only prepared for the classroom, but safe.

Parents can help their children get ready for fall with these back-to-school safety tips:

  • Make sure your child eats a healthy breakfast at home every morning or through a school breakfast program so they have the energy they need to stay focused throughout their day.
  • Teach your child about the “do”s and “don’t”s of playground safety to ensure a fun and safe recess.
  • Bring your child to a clinic or pediatrician for any required immunization shots to keep them healthy during the fall and winter months.
  • Get familiar with the school safety resources available to your child. The Department of Education’s Anti-Bullying Programs help promote a safe school environment.
  • Whether you pack your child’s lunch or they buy from the cafeteria, make sure they get the nutrition they need at school.
  • Teach your child about school bus safety to ensure they get to and from school without injury.
  • Learn about available school health services and get to know the staff that can help take care of your child if they become sick at school.

Preparing your child for a safe and healthy return to school is a great way to ensure they get the most out of their education. When that first day arrives, you can feel confident that your child is off to a great start.