Celebrating Tim Murray: A Life In Art

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The Haen Gallery in Brevard presents an exhibit of the late Tim Murray’s work, including pieces never previously shown, through July 31st.

Born in Reading, England, Tim Murray arrived in the United States in 1948. He went to school in Winston-Salem, studied art and engineering at Mars Hill College, and earned a degree in art from UNC-Chapel Hill. An Edward Seese Distinguished Service Professor and Johnie H. Jones Distinguished Professor in Teaching, Murray was responsible for developing the art department at Brevard College and taught there for 42 years. Murray influenced countless students while pursuing his own work as a gifted artist.

“Exploring Tim Murray’s studio and discovering work that may never have been seen by anyone but the artist was a truly memorable experience,” says Chris Foley, Director of The Haen Gallery. “Murray created a vast body of work during his life. He was constantly experimenting while his attraction to abstract expressionism remained consistent. This exhibition will include drawings, paintings, and sculpture that represents an authentic and meaningful body of work. We are proud to present work from the estate of Brevard’s beloved Tim Murray.”

The Haen Gallery is located at 200 King Street in the historic Brevard Lumberyard Arts District. With locations in Asheville and Brevard, The Haen Gallery offers the work of established artists whose distinctive and unique style sets it apart from ordinary and imitative efforts. Visit their website at thehaengallery.com.