Henderson County Curb Market is Open Year-Round

Hendersonville Curb Market

A genuine link with Hendersonville’s historic past has quietly kept its place in the hearts of Henderson County residents and visitors since 1924.

Since those days of the early 20th Century, when vendors and patrons alike arrived at the Henderson County Curb Market in Model T’s, and children, playing with simple toys like yo-yo’s, marbles, and jacks, waited patiently for their mothers to shop for the freshest fruits and vegetables, the Curb Market has remained in continuous operation. That is quite a fete, particularly taking into consideration the influx of giant grocery chains to the area. But the quality of the locally fresh produce and other items sold at the Curb Market continue to make it a popular destination even three and four generations after its beginning.

Although the cars have changed, and children’s toys sure aren’t what they used to be, the Curb Market remains one of the best places in town to buy locally grown produce. As has always been the case, all items sold at the Market must be either handmade or locally grown. The sellers are third and fourth generation vendors, and offer a variety of goods such as crafts, baked goods, jams and jellies, plants, flowers, toys, and, of course, the freshest produce around.

Even in these early days of the growing season, the Curb Market is open for business. From January through March, it is open each Tuesday and Saturday from 8AM – 1PM. From April through December, it is open on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, also from 8AM – 1PM.

The Curb Market is located on the corner of Second Avenue and Church Street, 221 North Church Street. For additional information, please call 828-692-8012.

(Images provided by Henderson County Curb Market)