¡InterActive TriskaTrivia!

Wed, Jun 26
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Triskelion Brewing Company

¡TriskaTrivia! is Evolving!

It is now ¡InterActive TriskaTrivia!

Instead of one theme for the entire night, each round will have it’s own topic/theme… and you get to decide what it is!!!

In between each round, we will vote on a selection of topics, and the next round will be based on the one with the most votes! So… that means, the more people on your team, the more votes you get… and you’ll steer what direction the questions take.

Don’t like sports? Vote for Classic Movies… Don’t like movies? Vote for Comic Books or World Geography…

Top two teams still get Triskelion Gift Certificates (ie Glorious Prizes)…

You can still only have up to 6 people on your team…

There are still six rounds with ten questions each, and there is still a Very Hard Questions round… the only difference is that you get to decide what the topics are…

We start at 7pm promplty and proceed to rapid fire questions that usually last until 8:30…

Come on out and test yer brainz!!!