Home Repair Builders Challenge

Thu, Feb 27
Habitiat for Humanity
33 Meadow Rd, Asheville, NC 28803, USA
Habitiat for Humanity Cecily Schenimann

Do you work in the local home building industry? Ready for a friendly challenge to help community members in need? Gather 2-4 coworkers to spend a day volunteering with our Home Repair team and make critical repairs so low-income residents can live safely and with dignity in their homes and communities. Each group’s hours will be tracked and at the end of the challenge the group with the most will get a prize.

The lack of affordable housing in Buncombe County is no secret, but one need is often overshadowed by the demand for new units. Far too many of  our neighbors- homeowners often 62+ years old, whose families have lived here for generations- are having to live in unsafe and unhealthy conditions because they cannot afford
critical home repairs.
That’s why members of the local home building industry are coming together for a friendly
challenge to help meet this urgent community need. The Home Repair Builders Challenge will
take place March 2 to April 17. Groups will volunteer alongside Asheville Habitat’s Home
Repair team, and at the end of the challenge the team with the most accumulated hours will get a prize.