COVID-19 Testing in Buncombe County

Tue, Feb 23
Various locations in Buncombe County
Buncombe County Government

COVID-19 Testing in Buncombe County

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COVID-19 Testing General Information

Think you have been exposed to COVID?

Testing is widely available at urgent cares, federally qualified health centers, and through some primary care providers for those who need it however, it remains important to focus on the prevention of COVID first and foremost to keep the virus from spreading further into the community and to loved ones.

Find testing near you:

  • If you DO NOT HAVE a healthcare provider who offers testing for COVID-19 and you need to get tested, there are several ways to find testing near you.
  • Visit the Find My Testing Place website to find a clinic or pop up testing site near you.
  • People in Buncombe County can access testing by completing the Buncombe County Self-Checker online. If you need testing, you can set up an appointment at one of the county’s open-air, drive-through sites. People can also call the Ready Team at (828) 419-0095 from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday to be pre-screened for testing at these sites. A Ready Team member will call you within 2 business days to schedule your appointment.
  • You can call the Buncombe County nurse line at (828) 250-5300 to find out where you can get tested (Press OPTION #1 to speak with a nurse) from 8 am to 5:30 pm.
  • Community Testing Site Information

    Please read: You must schedule an appointment for community test sites.

    Buncombe County offers drive-thru COVID-19 community testing at specified locations throughout the county. Community testing provides an easy and efficient way for those who live, work, or attend school in Buncombe County to get tested for COVID-19.

    Testing at the fixed sites is available by appointment only. Here are the steps to sign up for community testing at one of the Buncombe County community testing sites:

    Step 1: Complete the Buncombe County COVID-19 Self-Checker.  The self-checker will tell you whether or not you need to be tested. You can access the self-checker here. You can also call the Ready Team at (828) 419-0095 and they will help you to complete the self-checker.

    Step 2: If your self-checker results indicate that you need to be tested and you do not have a primary care provider who is providing COVID-19 testing or you cannot get tested at an urgent care, you will need to register for the testing site. You can register online or by calling the Ready Team. You must complete the registration form and wait for a call back (next step).

    Step 3: Once you have completed the registration, the Ready Team will call you within 2 business days to schedule your appointment. They will call from this number: (828) 419-0095. Do not show up at the testing site without an appointment. 

    Step 4: Show up at the testing site at your scheduled date and time.

    Step 5: Wait for your testing results or access them online. Your test result will be available within 48 hours. While you are waiting for your test result, you should act as if you have COVID and reduce or eliminate your contact with others until your test results return.

    • While waiting for your test result, please follow the instructions in the “Steps for People After COVID-19 Testing” handout that you received at the testing site and attached below. This handout also tells you what to do once you get your test result.
    • A Buncombe County employee will call you with your test result.
    • You can register with our lab partner, Genova Diagnostics, to check on your results online. Please do not call Genova for your results.

    To get your results from the lab partner, Genova Diagnostics*:

    • Register for the Genova Diagnostics myGDX Patient Resource Center at
    • To access your result, you will be asked to enter the last 5 digits of your social security number to verify your identity. If you do not have a social security number, enter any 5 numbers and you will be able to get your result by providing different identifying information.
      * You may see a note on Genova’s website about a 10 day delay in releasing results to patients, but this does not apply to COVID testing through our sites.

    Testing site locations in Buncombe County are at the Buncombe County Sports Park on Thursdays and on Sundays at the AB Tech Allied Health Building. Please pre-register for testing at these locations by completing the Self-Checker or by calling the Ready Team at (828) 419-0095. Please check the calendar below for testing site times and dates. 

    Important: Please check Buncombe County’s Facebook page for site cancellations due to weather.