Chow Chow Festival – September 12-15 Volunteer Opportunity

Thu, Jul 18

Looking for a fun, enriching, and rewarding way to give back to the Asheville culinary scene? Chow Chow is calling on friendly, helpful, and professional individuals to help make the culinary event a successful one. Through a variety of events hosted by makers and talents from all over, it’s a great way for volunteers to network and have fun. Positions range from greeters to ticket scanners to chef assistants and more. Over 200 dedicated individuals will make up the Volunteer Program.

PubCorps is partnering with Chow Chow to sponsor the volunteer lounge to give volunteers a place to meet and interact with one another. Volunteers must be 21 years or older to serve, attend a one-hour training session in August, and complete special training for specific tasks.

To learn more about the Chow Chow volunteer requirements and application, visit here.