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Wed, Apr 1
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Hi everyone! I hope that you are staying safe (and sane) in this unprecedented time? I’d like to offer a FREE online class, (absolutely no catch) on getting the most out of your camera.

Do you have a digital camera that you only use in Automatic mode and would like to get more out of it? Have you ever wondered what the different settings are and how they could help you when taking portraits or landscape photographs?

I’d like to set up a few beginner sessions to go over the basics. I will create 60-90 minute segments (via video link) and will look at:

– Aperture
– Shutter Speed
– How different lenses impact your photo
– And many more topics

They’ll be in bite size chunks that are more manageable and give you an opportunity to review your notes prior to the next class. The class will be interactive at points too – it’s not just me talking to you via a pre-recorded message. Let’s have some fun together and have you using your camera more this spring/summer!

Respond below and let me know. Please RSVP within 24 hours of the start of each class.