Basket Case: A New Musical UnHinged Premiere at Asheville Fringe

Sat, Jan 23
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Online w/ Asheville Fringe Arts Festival
Asheville Fringe Arts Festival

Join us for the Unhinged premiere of Basket Case: A New Musical at the Asheville Fringe Arts Festival!
7pm EST Jan 21 & 7pm EST Jan 23
Tickets can be purchased at
Duane Bradley arrives in New York City, possessing only a mysterious past & basket. He meets a cast of eccentric characters, drawn to the sexy and strong-willed Sharon. Through a sequence of twisted events, finally revealing the truth: “what’s in the basket?” A dark, romantic, and campy musical based on Frank Henenlotter’s 1980’s cult classic Basket Case.
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